Terms of Service

Personal Use

  • Commisions for personal use or for family/friends are NOT for monetary use or profit
  • You can use personal use commissions for personal prints, gifts, upload to social media with artist credit, profile picture with artist credit 
  • Otoro Cat retains ownership of the artwork and has the rights to:
    • Posting artwork on social media
    • Using artwork for portfolio
    • Making merchandise using the artwork
  • Commissioner is NOT allowed to:
    • Post artwork on social media without credit
    • Edit, Re-distribute or claim that the artwork is theirs 
    • Use the artwork commercially or for any monetary gain



Commerical Use

  • You retain ownership of your commission piece and intend to use it for merchandise or as a commercial graphic
    • examples include logos, packaging designs, stickers, keychains, enamel pin designs, etc.
  • You can: 
    • Promote the artwork on social media without credit
    • Use the artwork commercially or for monetary gains
  • The artist has the right to:
    • Use the artwork as part of their portfolio
    • Post it on social media (you may request that I do not tag you in my post) 
  • Prices vary depending on the intended use, if you commission for a sticker design you may not use it to create keychains.